/Discovering Namibia’s heartbeat along the Omulunga Palm Route

Discovering Namibia’s heartbeat along the Omulunga Palm Route

The far north of Namibia is largely undiscovered and unexplored. However, the area is definitely worth a visit as it will enable travelers to veer off the beaten track and discover the authentic heartbeat of the southwest African nation.

The region is best explored along the self-drive Omulunga Palm Route, which takes its name from the distinctive Makalani palm trees travelers will encounter along the way. This route, which stretches from Ruacana in the west to Nkurenkuru in the east, was launched a few years ago by Open Africa (an organization that promotes sustainable tourism ventures) in conjunction with the Namibian Tourism Board and the Millennium Challenge Account Namibia. The aim of the route is to get travelers to discover the undiscovered sides of the country.

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