Namibia Breweries


Namibians love their beer which is of highest international standards and is winning prizes every year. It is all brewed according to the German Purity law of 1516. Besides beer, South African wines are very popular and sometimes you even get wines from the five Namibian wine farms (by the way the driest  in the world) .

Imported alcoholic beverages are quite pricy, however, especially Jägermeister and Kleiner Keiler are very popular. SO are ciders (e.g. Savanna Dry) as well as “Rock Shandy”, a mix of soda water, lemonade, angostura bitters and loads of ice cubes.

Alcohol (except for wine, beer and ciders) may only be sold in special liquor stores (called “bottle stores”) and only weekdays and Saturday before lunch. Wine and beer are also available in supermarkets, nevertheless, the time restrictions are the same. Check the opening hours of the bottle stores.