Gondwana Canyon Village


Namibia is a campers’ paradise. By law it is allowed to camp wild at any place except national parks, however, in practical this is only allowed with permission of the land owner, so the farmer, local community, etc. It is difficult to find out who owns the piece of land and thus it is recommended to camp on camp sites only. Basically only in the Kaokoveld “real” wild camping is possible.

Camping costs between N$ 100 and N$ 250 per person per night depending on location of the camp site and infrastructure. Some charge extra for the vehicle and a flat fee for the site itself. It is, different from e.g. Botswana, not standard to share a camp site.

It is becoming more and more often that “luxury” camp sites offer a private bathroom per site. Generally all camp sites have  a braai (BBQ) area, some have running water and electricity on site.

Most of the camping tourists in Namibia travel with 4×4 vehicles with roof-top tents, but also ground tents are readily available.