Fuel Station


Namibia has state-regulated petrol and diesel prices. This allows the same prices at every fuel station at any given time and eliminates competition in the fuel sector. The prices are set by the Ministry of Mines and Energy on a monthly basis (always valid from 00:01 hrs on the first Wednesday). Base price is given for Walvis Bay; prices for other areas are set by this base price plus an additional price for transport (between 5-75 cents per litre).

Valid as per 3 November 2021 (base price in Walvis Bay per litre)

  • 95-Oktan – N$ 14.95 – change compared to previous month: +50  ct
  • Diesel 50 ppm (premium) – N$ 14.88 – change compared to previous month: +70 ct

Please note: Most fuel stations nowadays accept credit cards (Visa/Mastercard only); however, especially in remote areas only cash is accepted. At these sites, generally also not ATMs are available, so do have enough cash with you. No Garage or Fuel Cards are accepted anymore as of April 2014.

The following companies have fuel stations (known as “petrol station”, “service station”, “garage” or “diensstasie”) in Namibia: