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Money & Payment

The Namibia Dollar (N$ or NAD) is the only legal tender in Namibia. However, the South African Rand (R or ZAR) is also an accepted mean of payment throughout Namibia. The exchange rate is 1:1. Namibia Dollar exists in notes of 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10 as well as coins of 5 and 1 dollar and 50, 10 and 5 cent. A specially minted coin is the N$ 10. All prices that cannot be paid with the smallest coin of 5 cent will always be rounded down.

No other currencies may be used for payments. Tourism establishments may also accept other currency, but must also always accept Namibia Dollar.

Most shops and supermarkets as well as accommodation establishments and restaurants accept credit cards, mostly VISA and MasterCard.

Foreign Exchange legislation is very strict and thus it can take an hour or more to change cash into Namibia Dollar at a Bank. The worst exchange rate you will get trying to get Namibia Dollar or Rand in your home country! Rather draw from an ATM which can be found throughout the country.  Use those that have a security guard on site. All four major banks (Bank Windhoek, Standard Bank Namibia, FNB Namibia, Nedbank Namibia) accept MasterCard and VISA as well as their respective debit card sister companies like Maestro or VISA Electron. Daily or withdrawal maximum is between N$ 500 and N$ 4000, depending on bank, card as well as your home bank.

Please note: fuel has to be paid in cash in 80 % of the cases. Since September 2011 more and more petrol stations allow paying fuel with credit cards. See “Fuel” for details.