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Opening/Shopping Hours

Namibia does not have opening hours set by any law. Nevertheless, the below mentioned opening hours should give you a broad overview of operating hours of supermarkets, offices, banks, government, etc. Generally the larger a town is, the longer large supermarkets are open.

  • Shops / small supermarkets: Mon-Fri 8.00–17.00 (8am–5pm), Sat 8.00–14.00 (8am–2pm)
  • Large supermarkets (e.g. Superspar in Windhoek): Mon–Sat 7.30–19.30 (7.30am–7.30pm), Sun 7.30–18.00 (7.30am–6pm)
  • Malls: daily 9–19 hrs (9am–7pm); Sunday sometimes until 15 or 18 hrs (3pm or 6 pm)
  • “Potschies” (small convenience stores): daily up to 24 hours
  • Banks : Mon-Fri 9.00–15.30 (9am–3.30pm), Sat 9.00–13.00 (9am–1pm)
  • Post offices: Mon-Fri 8.30–12.30 (8.30am–12.30pm) and 13.30–18.30 (1.30pm–6.30pm), Sat 9.00–11.30 (9am–11.30am)
  • Government: Mon-Thu 10–16 (10am–4pm) with generally a one hour lunch break, Fri 10–12 (10am–12pm); generally closed between beginning/mid December and mid January
  • Bottle Stores (Liquor stores): Mon-Fri 9.00–19.00 (9am–7pm), Sat 9.00–13.00 (9am–2pm)

Keep in mind:

  • Alcohol may never be sold weekdays after 19.00 (7pm) and Saturdays after 13.00 (1pm) and under no circumstances on Sundays or public holidays.
  • A public holiday is seen as a Sunday.