Cessna 210


The procedure to fly an aircraft in Namibia during your holiday or extended stay is pretty straight forward. The following procedures and costs are involved. Please note that a validation is only possible for PPL (not CPL or ATPL). All information are correct as of 1 July 2017.

Latest Updates (3 March 2016) in connection with Eros Airport can be found here as a PDF booklet. You may also obtain info from the Namibia Civil Aviation Authority.


  • Namibian Medical Class II (approx. 2-3 hours and approx. N$ 700) at any medical aviation doctor
  • pass with 70% written theoretical Namibian Air Law exam (about 60 minutes and approx. N$ 250) at any flight school (book can be ordered here)
  • pass with 70% written theoretical (about one hour) and practical (about 30 minutes) Namibian restricted radio-telephony exam (approx. N$ 350) at NATA
  • pass with 70% practical restricted radio-telephony test (about 30 minutes) (approx. N$ 150) at NATA
  • get your Namibian Restricted Radio-Telephony Operators Certificate Aeronautical from CRAN (N$ 60)
  • get your SPL (Student Pilot Licence) from NCAA (approx. N$300) – valid for three month
  • do at least an hour flight with any flight instructor
  • pass the Namibian practical flight test (at least an hour procedures and optional x-country)

Allow yourself at least 4-5 days for the whole procedure of validation. A validation (approx N$300) is valid for 3 months.

Aircrafts & Charter
Flying in Namibia requires, due to height and warm temperatures, aeroplanes with rather strong engines. Very popular are C210 and C182, while aircraft that are very popular e.g. in Germany like C150 and C172 are hardly found. Charter prices are generally high, rates are wet, however, exclude compulsory excess insurance. In Namibia charter prices are calculated on engine-running-time and not flight time. Please find a few charter prices (correct as of June 2012) below, while insurance depends on total flight time of pilot and aircraft (starting around N$ 250 for a month).

Flight Schools

Airfield Directories

  • Namibia Airfield Directory (order here)
  • Airfield Directory for Southern Africa (order here for N$ 620)