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Shipwreck Lodge

Shipwreck Lodge

The lodge will be located in the famous Skeleton Coast Central Concession between the Huarusib and Hoanib River in the Skeleton Coast Park, only 45km from Möwe Bay. The lodge will situated on the Southern bank of the Huarusib River Mouth, nestled between the dunes with a view to the Atlantic Ocean where the cold Benguela current push a nicely refreshing breeze over the shipwreck shaped chalets. The size of the concession area is approximately 146,600 hectares situated in the North-Western Namibia.

12 twins/doubles. Each room has a shower, toilet and washbasin complimented with the necessary guest amenities. Each room also has a writing desk, bedside lamp and a small deck in front of the unit. A small coffee and tea station with hot water flask (refillable at reception) included for your convenience.

Our exclusive clientele can look forward to appreciate from the comfortable deck of the restaurant area the harshness of the desert, solitary landscapes with plenty of geological history and the survival skills of animals in the harshest conditions.

Opening: end 2018

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