/Govt delays concession development – Hai//om chief

Govt delays concession development – Hai//om chief

HAI//OM San chief Dawid Khamuxab last week accused the government of dragging its feet on the implementation of the !Gobaub tourism concession that would benefit his community.

The concession, which was awarded in 2010, has been idle since, with no developers coming to work with the community.

The concession is supposed to be operated under the !Gobaub Association, a legal entity separate from the Hai//om Traditional Authority.

Khamuxab said his community needed financial support and advice from the government to develop the concession, but none has allegedly been forthcoming.

The Namibian has reported in the past that Namibia Wildlife Resorts, Ongava Game Reserve and Wilderness Safaris, amongst others, had approached the chief with proposals to develop the concession.

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