/Announcing The Namibia Travel & Tourism Forum!!

Announcing The Namibia Travel & Tourism Forum!!

6 Months ago Local Tourism Is Lekker – Namibia was launched to bring the tourism industry together and it became a hub for local tourism in the country and we surpassed all expectations.

Since then I have been focusing on getting the Namibian tourism industry together and, with EES, the music video for the viral hit Magic was born and it became one of the most viewed music videos in Namibia.

I have been constantly fighting for information in the industry and struggling to get much out of the few stakeholders who hold on to the information to their own benefit. And now it is time for a positive change in the whole tourism industry in Namibia, where everyone from the big companies to the freelance workers to restaurants, can all come together and discuss the core issues, everyone gets the information straight from the sources in a timely manner, to ensure that everyone from the industry is heard by monthly feedback surveys, to provide opportunities such as exhibitions/learning session/summits to everyone, and a lot more.

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