/Roundup: Namibia tourism sector observes World Tourism Day

Roundup: Namibia tourism sector observes World Tourism Day

Tourism enterprises and operators in Namibia on Sunday organized excursions to mark the World Tourism Day.

At a popular heritage site in the Namibian capital Windhoek, Taimi Shivute, a local tour guide narrated historical events to locals and tourists during a free Windhoek city walk tour. Shivute, attached to tour operator Chameleon Safaris Namibia, was ecstatic.

It is the first tour and activity the enterprise organized in six months since COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.

As part of the tour, locals and visitors were taken to heritage sites such as museums, famous places and historical buildings among others.

“That way, people learn and experience the capital city through a different lens. Undertaking the tour re-ignited my passion for tourism,” said Shivute, who is also a tourism student at a local college.

The focus of the city tour aimed to demonstrate to the local and broader international community that Namibia’s tourism is active, according to Jessica Pretorius, office manager at Chameleon Safaris Namibia.

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