/Opinion – Open letter on designation of Namibia as a risk area

Opinion – Open letter on designation of Namibia as a risk area

Let me briefly introduce the Namibia Travel & Tourism Forum to you. We are an open platform for all tourism businesses in Namibia and try to represent the sector in large without being biased or focusing on one group of businesses in the sector. For the last months, we have been closely working with the Namibian authorities and tourism entities in order to achieve the best in these difficult global times.

With greatest concern, we learned about the classification of Namibia by German authorities as a high-risk country as of 31 January 2021. As you might understand, this move came as a big surprise to Namibia and will hamper the just restarted tourism industry to a major extent, especially as Namibia had been during the second half of 2020 one of only three African countries recognised by your ministries as a low-risk country.

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